Small Business Cyber Risk

Are You One of the 47%?

Did you know that 47% of small business (companies with around 500 employees) have suffered a cyber attack last year?[i][1]

Did you know that the Federal government is so concerned about small business exploitation that they now require their small business contractors to complete an independent cyber security assessment?[2]

[1] 2018 HISCOX small business cyber risk report

[2] “”


Cyber Crime Tape

$34,000 Loss Per Incident

Business owner now consider cyber attacks – denial of service, ransomware, phishing, zero-day exploit – one of the top concerns of doing business.  The HISCOX small business cyber risk report indicates that small business lost about $34,000 for each cyber incident that affected their operations.

However, there are more than just the financial costs of remediating a cyber attack.  Small business that lose their employee or clients’ confidential information suffer a loss to their brand and will find it difficult to attract new clients or good employees.

Training of your workforce and having an independent assessment of the security controls are two of the most cost effective controls that small business can take to protect themselves against cyber exploits.

A trained workforce will be more aware of phishing attacks or may alert the IT department if they notice a lag in responsiveness of certain systems.  A cyber security assessment will identify weakness in the organization’s management practices and technical controls that may facilitate a loss of confidential information.

Why Choose ASCERTIS Solutions

ASCERTIS Solutions can conduct a security assessment of a small business in a week and provide the key bodies of evidence required for Federal contracts. ASCERTIS Solutions provide a roadmap for your company to implement a cyber defense strategy that fits your budget.

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