Small Business Vulnerabilities

Are You Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

A recent report revealed that 47% of small business suffered a cyber attack last year and the average cost of remediation is over $34,000.  One of the reasons why small business is so vulnerable to cyber attacks is that cyber security is not integral to their business plans or part of the company’s growth strategy.  Consequently, small business is considered “low hanging fruit” for hackers and other cyber criminals.

Cyber Crime Tape

Common Vulnerabilities

Here are some of the most common vulnerabilities of small business:

  1. Untrained workforce – Phishing attacks are still the primary method to infiltrate an organization
  2. Unpatched software – Either application software or operating software
  3. Misconfigured firewalls or network devices which allow uncontrolled ports and services to be activated
  4. Lack of eyes on the network. Most small companies do not have tools and personnel to monitor traffic or suspicious activities on their network
  5. Lack of corporate leadership – No one is responsible for cyber security
  6. Failure to protect personal identifying information (PII)

Why Choose ASCERTIS Solutions

ASCERTIS Solutions can conduct a security assessment of a small business in a week and provide a roadmap for your company to implement a cyber defense strategy that fits your budget.  Trained security professionals can be hired on a part-time basis to fill the role of Chief Cyber Security Officer (CISO) to assure that your roadmap is implemented in a timely and cost-effective fashion. 

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